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Prepaid credit card or student credit card

Attractive offers for students' financial affairs

Being a student is interesting and challenging at the same time. One special thing about being a student is that profession and career still have to be found and developed. But that also means no regular income and very often a lack of money. Speaking in financial terms students, like other people without regular income, e.g. housewives or unemployed people, aren't regarded as target group with a very good credit-worthiness. So quite often financial institutes hesitate to provide credit cards for students.

But today in many parts of our daily lives having a credit card is absolutely necessary to enable people to make basic financial transactions - also those of us who don't have a well-paid job or excellent career, yet. Some transactions simply are only possible via credit card, others are a lot more beneficial transferred by card. Due to these facts for people without regular income a new product has been created: the prepaid credit card. Like other prepaid cards a deposit is needed for it.

But there are, of course, other credit card options for students. These student rates must be requested by verifying an enrolment. Then most financial institutes offer extra cheap credit cards for students and young people are spoilt for choice. So what exactly do these offers contain? Which benefits do they guarantee? Which credit cards are really suitable for students?

* First of all for most credit cards an annual fee has to be paid which often is very low for student credit cards or simply doesn't have to be paid for a particular period of time.

* A further advantage is an extended payment period (of two months instead of one) which most financial institutes offer. During this time no interest rate has to be paid, too.

* Another advantage is a very comfortable payment with very low rates, like only 5% of the actual amount invoiced.

* Very attractive is the interest offered for the money on the credit card account, 2% is the regular percentage and no minimum deposit is demanded.

* Owning a student credit card enables its keeper to withdraw money at a cash point worldwide, only the daily amount is limited.

* Further amenities accompanying a student credit card like online customer service or SMS service.

Those student credit card holders who have registered with their financial institute can use very cheap online customer services like:
- inquiring the account balance
- inquiring the latest expenditures after the accounts currents/accounting
- inquiring the credit limit
- inquiring the accounts currents of the last three months
- transferring online assignments
- changing one's personal data
- applying for an advanced credit limit
- applying for further service

Those student credit card holders who take part in the SMS service can inquire their credit limit as well as their account balance at any time. And here it comes: Most financial institutes provide their student credit card holders with an SMS service at no charge!