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Incoming travel insurance for foreign guests and visitors

The incoming insurance is valid in Germany, a host country of the European Union as well as in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This visitors insurance meets the requirements of an EU Council Decision from 2003 pertaining to so-called Schengen visa. In order to be granted this visa, it is imperative to take out an incoming insurance. Only then can foreigners temporarily visit Europe and travel to other host countries.  According to the Residence Act, hosts are liable for costs caused by foreigners visiting Germany that would otherwise have to be borne by the taxpayer.

The host must therefore provide a declaration of commitment which can be obtained from the immigration office. Should guests not be able to pay for their visit from their own financial resources, hosts may commit themselves to bear all potential costs, including the costs for medical treatments and the return transport of the guest to his or her home country. The Schengen insurance must have a minimum coverage of € 30.000 and may be taken out both in the country of the host and visitor.

Here are some examples of insurance benefits:

• Reimbursement of costs for absolutely necessary medical treatments in the specified countries
• Coverage of medical and hospital expenses as well as the costs for medication (see insurance terms for details)
• Return transport in case of an emergency, including a rescue flight
• Coverage of transport costs in the event of death or, alternatively, the local funeral costs
• No excess
• 24 h travel assistance
• Third-party travel insurance up to € 500,000 per person
  Valid for all types of travel – including business trips

Attention – not covered by the insurance are treatments known to have been necessary prior to the visit and insurance benefits in countries where the person insured has a permanent residence. There are a few selected insurance companies that offer online quotes for incoming insurances and allow you to book online. Elvia, a company of the Mondial Assistance Group, is one of them. Incoming insurances are also valid for business trips. After successful booking and payment by credit card we will send you an email with your policy which you should have with you when you travel.